Adventures in First Grade

So, oops – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Well, Teno is just about half way through first grade and compared to kindergarten it’s been a cake walk. He’s only sick once every other month as opposed to every day of his life, which is partially because kindergarten kicked his immune system’s butt and partially because first graders don’t wipe their noses on each other as much as kindergartners do. We lucked out again with the absolute perfect teacher for Teno. Miss Kim in kindergarten was sweet and patient, just what shy little Teno needed and Miss Busch is silly and down-to-earth which is just what you need when you have an almost-seven-year-old who spends his free time mapping out the United States of Poopmerica. 



First grade has been amazing – Teno reads and writes like some kind of grown up person. His handwriting is sloppy, but getting better. I can’t really blame him, though, because penmanship was the only subject I ever got a “C” in, and I still really could care less if anyone can read my writing. He’s super into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants books. I remember when I finally found a series I loved – my mom was so happy and I thought she was a weirdo for standing in my doorway smiling while I read my book. Now I totally get it. 

It’s just so nice to see Teno come out of his shell. He’s always been a nut at home, but school’s given him a lot of confidence and luckily he has a teacher who appreciates his sense of humor as long as it’s not disruptive. Although sometimes it is… 



Yeah, so this is Teno’s 2nd note home about his behavior. Not bad considering it’s almost March, really, but if you look close, you will see that on this one he tried to forge our signatures. I knew he was up to something last night when he asked me how to spell my name and gave “just curious” as his reason why. I thought he was trying to guess my Apple password, though – he’s always trying to figure it out so he can buy apps on my phone. Tony found this in his folder when he was getting his homework out. According to my mom (who teaches 2nd grade) and a bunch of my friends with older kids, forging signatures is pretty normal – even for a 6 year old. But we obviously told him it’s not OK. My mom was impressed that he knew to sign our names – she’s had kids sign “mom” on their behavior reports. 

Overall, though, Teno is a good kid – and he’s so smart it freaks us out. You should ask him about Joe Biden sometime, he seriously knows everything about that dude for some reason. Oh, and he was awarded Student of the Quarter a few days ago, so that’s pretty awesome, right?



So that’s your annual Teno Report. I think he’s having his first birthday party with school friends this year – I’ll report back if anything funny or terrible happens. I can’t believe this kid is almost seven… 


2 Responses to “Adventures in First Grade”

  1. Donald Rigazio Says:

    Way to go Teno, hang in there with Joe Biden and you won’t go wrong! When the V’P’ was in grade school he always got good grades like you but he also [hint] got an “A” in deportment!

  2. Congratulations to Teno on such a brilliant award, you have to really do some good stuff to get one of those awards and I bet Tony and you, Natalie are very proud. I’ve always had the impression that he is a really intelligent young man and I think I have said a few times Natalie that I believe he will be someone special when he’s older.

    I had to laugh at the signatures issue because my nephew, Josh, is 9 this year and that kind of thing would never have entered his head! Teno is also far better than my Josh at getting his homework done, it was up to me to practically sit on him to get his homework done and it only took 15 minutes (our children over here get very little homework!!! – not always a good thing).

    So well done Teno and have a brilliant birthday party, I’m sadly too old for one (and mine is next week!!)

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