Teno Done Graduated

ImageTeno Slater graduated from kindergarten yesterday. In just a few weeks he’ll be in first grade. Real-deal school. No story time, no coloring, just big-kid, first grade stuff.

The ceremony began with a magician, which was amazing because Tony and I bought Teno some beginner magic tricks for graduation, just on a whim. After that each kindergarten class had a mini talent show. Teno’s class preformed a Little Red Hen Rap. The microphone-boombox situation didn’t work out very well, and they were all shouting the words at different times, but Teno got down so it’s alright.

Each kid took home a bag they’d decorated that was filled with examples of their work from the beginning and end of the year. We thought Teno was so smart last fall, but it was shocking to see how far he’d come. From barely being able to write up to the number 20 to writing up to 100 in grown-up penmanship. (Well, bad grown-up penmanship like mine.) He can write complete sentences, read entire books, and he knows almost everything about the planet Venus. There were also photos of the whole class and a DVD his teacher made with photos from the whole year. It’s such a cute school, we’re so happy he’s there.

Anyway, Tony and I have a first grader now. We can’t quite get over it. As Teno would say, “Middle finger that!”


2 Responses to “Teno Done Graduated”

  1. Congratulations to the awesome Teno!!!!!!! Be safe!!! Besos!!!

    • Firstly, congratulations on your graduation Teno and congratulations to the proud parents. I am fascinated with all the graduations that my american friends have been posting lately and I think its such a great idea. Encouraging the kids, celebrating what they have achieved and setting them up for their next step in life. Our school system is so different over here, I think in the UK Teno would already be a first grader as mt nephew is almost 8 and he’s a 3rd grader. There again where I live children go full time to school when they are 4, they go to a nursery when they are 3 which is part of the school but only for half a school day.
      Thanks for sharing your precious memories, more to come I should think.
      Good luck when you start first grade Teno!!

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